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Practicing the Art of Healing

The art of healing comes from Nature, not from the physician.  Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.
-- Paracelsus

Practicing the Art

Stress. Resolutions. Avoiding burn-out. Healthy Travel. Natural Living Tips.

One thing that I have noticed is allowing yourself the space to heal takes practice... and inspiration.  There are really 6 secrets to creating the opportunities for healing: life purpose, diet, liquids, rest, movement, and community.  These are some of my stories and lessons practicing these 6 Health Secrets.



My blog filled with healthy living tips

My favorite thing to practice is the art of healing.... creating the opportunities for health and wellness.  Years of naturopathic medical school, residency, teaching, and practice have combined with my own healing journey to make this my way of life.  Hope some of my stories and adventures inspire some of your journey also!

Dr. Jonci was a Professor at Bastyr University where she taught medical philosophy courses. She shares these lessons about the body's natural healing ability as well as plenty of tips for living healthier.

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