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Practicing the Art of Healing

The art of healing comes from Nature, not from the physician.  Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.
-- Paracelsus

Stocking a Natural Medicine Cabinet

Because sometimes Dr. Mom or Dad wants a more natural option.

Consumer Healthcare Products Association estimates that 81% of us use over-the-counter products as our first option for minor health concerns.  There are some more natural, yet still effective options available.  But how do you know which ones to use and when?

Learn the basics of how to fill your medicine cabinet full of natural options for common concerns.

Dr. Jensen combines a  personal healing journey with years of training and practice in naturopathic medicine to empower you and your family use natural options at home.... more effectively and safely

A lively and interactive session full of education and laughs.  You'll walk away with a better understanding of how to take care of yourself and your family... naturally. 

Stocking a Natural Medicine Cabinet is putting you back in charge or your health.

Dr. Jonci is taking her unique educational style on the road this summer to put the power back in your hands when it comes to your family's health.  These compelling classes show that natural options don't have to be difficult or expensive.   

Learn ways to use popular over-the-counter natural options.  All while getting a big dose of the best medicine: laughter.  Four courses are available in the series:

VOLUME I: Homeopathy


VOLUME III: Hydrotherapy

VOLUME IV: Pantry Medicine

VOLUME V: Cold & Flu Season

VOLUME VI: Better Mood

VOLUME VII: Improving Digestion

VOLUME VIII: Sounder Sleep

VOLUME IX: For the Kids

The classes are designed to share options for improving common concerns like sleep, digestion, mood, pain, common colds & flus, temper tantrums.... Each class can be customized based on the group's interest.  

So talk with some friends, secure the class, schedule the date, and let's have a get together to talk about ways of making our lives a little more naturally healthy!  And laugh.  Loads of laughing.   

Making Drs. Mom & Dad a little more empowered... naturally.

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