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Practicing the Art of Healing

The art of healing comes from Nature, not from the physician.  Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.
-- Paracelsus

Personalized, Holistic Consulting Services

Because sometimes a little design expertise is helpful.

We all know that diet and exercise are two of the surest ways to good health.  Incorporating these practices into busy lifestyles is another story.  And, it turns out that they aren't the whole story.  This is where the support of Dr. Jensen can be particularly helpful.  She provides you the compassionate care and support you need to design lasting lifestyle practices that create a life a little more worth living.      

Individualized, holistic health plans tailored to you.

Dr. Jensen blends her personal healing journey with years of training and practice in naturopathic medicine and homeopathy to skillfully guide you to artfully design a healthier life.... naturally with style.  Together, you will create a holistic plan using homeopathy, diet, supplements, and other practices.

Unlock the secrets to creating a life even more worth living. 

Unique Perspective

It's far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.   -- Hippocrates

While it is tough to completely agree with the Father of Medicine, it is hard to deny that most of our healthcare is focused on disease.  Dr. Jensen provides care that is naturally focused on you, as a whole person.  She spends the time to truly understand you and your journey.

You will work with Dr. Jensen to appreciate the ways in which your body is communicating with you and create a life seeped in holistic health.  

Dr. Jonci Jensen, ND is licensed to practice naturopathic medicine only in the State of California, she is not licensed to diagnose or treat specific diseases or conditions in any other state.  Anyone working with Dr. Jensen should also receive care from a Primary Care Provider and other specialists to evaluate for and monitor any medical conditions or diseases. 

Creative Expression of Your One Life

Dr. Jonci Jensen, ND is a lifestyle! She has had a huge impact on my heart & soul, my health, my diet, my sanity, just my overall well-being.  She is so passionate, genuine, and kind.  You can feel so much love & her genuine desire to help!  I love her!!  Dr. Jonci is a sweet, kind, knowledgeable woman who continues to offer me the proper tools to care, love, and nourish my beautiful temple!  Dr. Jonci has shown me an alternative way to be happy & healthy!  I journal, I yoga, I love myself, I listen closely to my body & nourish it the best I can because she has given me the knowledge & know how to do so."  I always feel so good after visiting with her!!

Jessica G.

Austin, TX

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