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Easing Stage Fright with Homeopathy

​​Homeopathy seems to be one of the most misunderstood types of alternative medicine. This misunderstanding leads most people to either disregard the medicine or to be profoundly scared of it. And so many of us miss out on some awesomeness of life because of it!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -- Arthur C. Clarke

Some of this confusion is easily explained simply by lack of scientific understanding. We just don’t have the technology yet to test it. Take for instance the highly diluted nature of homeopathic medicines. Previously, we believed that such highly diluted substances no longer contained anything active. Advancements in technology are now allowing us to observe the active components of these highly diluted substances, as well as their effects in body. These advancements are beginning to show us that our old way of thinking that “nothing is in homeopathic medicines” is not necessarily accurate. And challenging long held ideas is especially scary for.... well, pretty much all of us.

The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity. -- Douglas Horton

Another reason for this misunderstanding is that homeopathy works on the whole person. And as whole people, we are profoundly complex. Homeopathy isn’t necessarily used to treat “anxiety” for instance. In order to be most likely to have a positive effect for the person, a homeopathic remedy needs to be based on the whole person. This includes physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

From the perspective of a homeopath, the question of “what’s the best homeopathic remedy for anxiety?” will always have the same response. Our response will most always be, “First, tell me more about the anxiety.” Because an accurate homeopathic prescription is all about being particular and precise. So a homeopath’s best question is always, “Tell me more.”

Vulnerability is basically an uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. -- Brene Brown

Finally, and most significantly, most of us just don’t know. We haven’t been exposed to homeopathy. Few of us have gone to our doctor and been offered a homeopathic option. At least in modern US history. This is different in some other countries, like France, Germany, and India. And it was different historically in the US. I am one of a handful of especially unique people in the US. I completed one of the country’s only post-doctoral residencies in homeopathy. Which means I understand more than most about homeopathy, but there is still a lot that I don’t understand.

One day, while chatting with someone, she kept referring to her use of homeopathy in ways that were confusing to me. Because there is still a lot I don’t know about homeopathy also, I asked her how she defined homeopathy. She looked at me rather assuredly and said, “Well, home remedies of course. That’s why the word ‘home’ is in homeopathy.” Well…. ummmm….. Not quite.

While home remedies can often be helpful, all home remedies are definitely not homeopathic. And it isn’t often as helpful to self-medicate with homeopathy as it is to see a professional for some advice. So, to give a little taste of homeopathy let’s take a look at something most of us can relate to: stage fright and anxiety about upcoming events (anticipatory anxiety as we call it). Yup, there was that gasp. Nerves before a big day or event. We all have tricks like imaging the audience naked, though that is always so distracting to me! Here are a few of the tricks we have in our homeopathic toolbox…​​

Gelsemium sempervirens ​​​

This is arguably the most used homeopathic remedy when it comes to stage fright. People that will most likely respond well to Gelsemium are likely to notice trembling, especially of the hands, tongue, and limbs. They may also notice a heaviness, especially of the eyelids. Their minds may be dull, prone to difficulties concentrating, and may feel almost intoxicated. They will often express a desire to be held. Most of their symptoms will be aggravated by exciting/bad news or other sudden emotions (especially fear-provoking news). Interestingly, people likely to benefit from Gelsemium may also experience profuse urination, which often makes them feel better.

This remedy is particularly indicated for singers and public speakers with stage fright.

Argentum nitricum

This is another very common homeopathic remedy when it comes to stage fright or anticipatory anxiety. People that are likely to benefit from Argentum nitricum often will discuss a shyness about being in public. Fear of crowds, high buildings, and tight spaces can also be common for someone that will benefit from this remedy. Another rather particular symptom of someone that may respond well to Argentum nitricum is a craving for sweets, which will often make them gassy. They may also notice “nervous diarrhea” before an upcoming event.

This remedy is particularly indicated for people with a fear to beginning anything new due to a fear of not succeeding. Often, there will be a persistent thought that all undertakings are destined to fail.

Lycopodium clavatum

This is one of those remedies that so many people will benefit from taking. In homeopathy, we call these remedies “polycrests”. Meaning, they cover a lot of different conditions. People that are likely to respond to this remedy often exhibit a “false bravado” as we refer to it in homeopathy. It is common for these people to convince themselves (and those around them) that they have more self-confidence than they actually possess. These people are often very sensitive to contradiction and criticism. They tend to be a bit bossy, though frequently also timid. Interestingly, people that will respond will to Lycopodium often also have digestive concerns including alternating diarrhea and constipation, gassiness, and bloating with a sensitivity to tight waistbands.

Lycopodium is particularly indicated for people with anticipatory anxiety along with using the wrong words when trying to speak in public. These people are known to over-prepare before an upcoming event then “do just fine.”

There have been two great revelations in my life: The first was bebop, the second was homeopathy. -- Dizzy Gillespie

All of these homeopathic remedies are easily available over the counter at any health food store or on-line. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk with your doctor or therapist first. All homeopathic remedies stand the chance for an aggravation or a worsening of symptoms after beginning them. Please, folks, make sure to talk to a professional before beginning these or any other recommendation on the internet. This is your health we are talking about, after all. If your healthcare practitioner isn’t trained in homeopathy, then find one who does understand this powerful medicine. Not only is it fascinating, it can be life changing.

There are plenty of highly successful people that rely on homeopathy for their health (including the Queen of England). If it’s good enough for the Queen, surely it’s good enough for you.

So go break a leg. Theatrically speaking, of course.

The biggest thing is the heart. If you find the heart in what you do, if it's stage work, set work, modeling, you find the heart of it, that's where the truth actually stems from. Our true personality shines from within.​​

- Jamie Brewer

In loving memory of my Bubba, Ian Jensen (8/26/82-2/11/17).

My most favorite person in the world.

Oh, Bubs, you have taught me life's most difficult lessons.


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Jonci Jensen , ND is a naturopathic doctor in Carlsbad, CA who shares

her inspirations Practicing the Art of Healing.

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