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Practicing the Art of Healing

The art of healing comes from Nature, not from the physician.  Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.
-- Paracelsus

This blog is all about practicing the art of healing.  Even though we were all made to heal, somehow this has become less important in our constant search for "fixing" things.  This blog isn't meant to fix anything, and sure as heck not "cure" any diseases.

Rather, it is meant to inspire you to create the opportunities for you to heal.... to become whole.  Teaching medical philosophy at Bastyr University gave me the excuse to dig deeper into the nature of healing, some of these lessons are in the "Practicing the Art" category.  There are also plenty of gluten-free, vegan "Recipes".   "Life Savin' Snacks" is all about foods and recipes that make life easier.  Since a healthy community breeds healthy people, "Farmers' Market Favorites" are some of the best from my local markets in North County San Diego as well as any market I can check out along my travels. 

My writing is meant to inspire you to chat with your doctor and other health practitioners.  To chat with your people, as they say.  It is definitely not meant to replace their care.   My mentor used to remind me, "the doctor who treats himself, has a fool for a patient."  Don't be foolish.  Please chat with your team of providers before beginning any of my (or anyone else's) suggestions.  Be careful with your health, it is the most important thing you have.

Most importantly... don't forget to have some fun Practicing the Art of Healing as you create the healthiest life for you and your family! 

Jonci Jensen, ND

Naturopathic homeopathic doctor Carlsbad North County San Diego

My favorite thing to practice is the art of healing.... creating the opportunities for health and wellness.  Years of naturopathic medical school, residency, teaching, and practice have combined with my own healing journey to make this my way of life.  Hope some of my stories and adventures inspire some of your journey also!



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