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Individualized Care

Dr. Jonci Jensen, ND is a naturopathic doctor based in North County San Diego. She provides holistic care for auto-immune, stress, and chronic conditions. Recommendations including homeopathy, healthy diet, nutritional supplements, and natural living. Home, video, and group visits available.

Learn ways to improve digestion naturally. Holistic treatments to improve sleep. Identifying & eliminating food intolerances. Individualized & homeopathic recommendations.

Healing is a matter of time,
but it is also sometimes
a matter of opportunity.
-- Hippocrates
The Art of Healing is the practice of creating those opportunities...
What others are saying...

Dr. Jonci's wisdom, experience, and compassion help to create an environment that helps to guide the body back to the state it was created to function in.  Her secret ingredient: love -- one of the most powerful doses of human love your body will ever encounter and I believe that love is the essential in healing our bodies and lives.

Alexia A.

Los Angeles, CA

I learned I have control over my body and its outcomes... my choices are what my body is.

Rebecca R.

Houston, TX

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